Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Moments in time

Over 2000 years God brought forth the pivot point in his plan to restore, Mankind, his most favored creation to himself. He did this in three moments, in the birth, the death and the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.
We have since been engaged in a great presentation of these facts and their purpose to the world. He that originally enslaved us, separating us from God in the beginning, received his death blow in those three moments in time. Still, in his death throws, this enemy of God and man resists in every possible way the presentation of these facts, of this great news, in every possible corner of the earth. This struggle will not end until every nation has heard this good news and individuals have chosen to accept or reject the Gift.
And so we serve in this battle-field today. God does not require men to take over any institution or to kill in this great struggle, though  as the battle becomes more decisive believers are killed.. God requires service and sacrifice for people in things that matter as God himself, by means of his Holy Spirit, pursues every one of his un-reconciled ones.
Therefore, It is altogether fitting and proper that we live a life of purpose, commitment and resolve, avoiding distractions in order to honor the sacrifice God made to reach us. In a larger sense, we can never repay the debt He has paid for this reconciliation. We cannot honor the Cross anymore than Jesus Christ, God Himself has already done.
The sacrificing followers of Jesus, living and dead, who spread this great news of Jesus have consecrated a path for us to follow. The world will not long remember what is said in the protected confines of this text, but it can never forget the impact of the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is for us, the living, to be dedicated here to this unfinished mission until we join those who have gone to rest before us, or until He returns and the earth is discarded like a vale.
It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that we take increased devotion to spreading the Great news of  these three moments in time at every opportunity.Where ever we are in each moment by chance and where we are by great planning, sacrifice and purpose, we have no higher or more pressing work than to love his people and spread His message.

 I highly resolve that I shall not not live my life in vain malingering and dissipation—that I, as a faithful follower of Jesus, shall beg God for  a passionate re-awakening in me and in his local church around the world. That we shall not succumb to the false religions and philosophies that dilute and distract us from  the great news of Jesus. That we shall not sleep sleep while the enemy stalks like a lion.

We Beg You Father God, to make my life, our lives available, useable and useful, instruments of Your Great News to all men.

-A 21st Century Believer