Restoring Enterprise to its Place in the Body of Christ

Business as Mission, Kingdom Business, Great Commission Companies, Purpose-Driven Business, Enterprising Ministry, Kingdom Entrepreneurship - It goes by many names, but there is a new, and yet very old calling in the Global Body of Christ. Many believers are called to walk out their calling in the marketplace. A subset of those believers are called to plant and grow businesses that serve God and the rest of the church. It is their ministry, enterprising ministry, that we describe, support, and explore here.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

BWOB Survey

Which of the of the following activities would you choose, if you had to spend your life doing just this one:

  • Entrepreneur, starting one small business after the next
  • Entrepreneur, starting and building a single company
  • Professional business specialist, like accounting, finance, human resources, sales,marketing, legal, purchasing logistics, Information Technology, etc.
  • Professional business generalist, manager or operations, Director or Vice President
  • Professional Consultant, trainer, program developer helping internally or externall

In which area are you most interested or experienced? ( pick only one)

  • Services ( banking, financial, insurance, consulting engineer, consulting, Inspecting,Transportation, logistics, Supply Chain,
  • Manufacturing, assembly
  • Utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity, etc)
  • Construction ( Engineering)
  • Transportation
  • Medical

I am more of a ( pick one)

  • Policy Developer
  • Policy Keeper
  • Policy Teacher
  • Policy Changer
  • Policy Avoider

I would rather do my work/ministry( pick one)

  • In my Native Land
  • Live and work in a non-native developed country (Australia, Western Europe, Japan, Korea
  • Live and Work in the open second world (Mexico, Southern Nigeria, Russia,Eastern Europe)
  • Live and work in developing countries (Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia,Mozambique)
  • Live and work in a possibly hostile environment (Lebanon, Indonesia, North Africa, Gaza, etc)

Which of the flowwing best describes my local church situation:

  • I consider one more more churches my home, (School and home) and am strongly connected there
  • I do a lot personal study and prayer and visit several places with friends, and am comfortable in that situation for the medium term
  • I am in transition and am seeking a church home
  • I consider my small group my Church

My church relationships

  • I am in a small bible study group, I go to my group leader if I have questions
  • I am in a small group with mostly social relationships
  • I am in a small group with accountability relationhips
  • I am currently in a formal discipleship or mentoring process
  • I am in a small enough church to go to my pastor for questions

I am seeking ( click any 4)

  • Learning about workplace Ministry ( WPM)
  • Learning about Business as Mission (BAM)
  • A group WPM or BAM Mentoring relationship
  • An individual BAM or WPM mentoring relationship
  • A place for finding local BAM or WPM Projects or places to volunteer
  • A place for International BAM or WPM workplace Projects
  • An expanding network for BAM or WPM opportunities
  • Internships
  • Some help me with my business plan
  • Some career mentoring outside my current workplace
  • To be part of a start up small group that learns, saves, and trains together for a year or two, and picks a BAM start up project to do together