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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Ministry of Words

A man has Joy in an Apt answer, and how delightful is a timely word.
Proverbs 15:23

Like Apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in the right circumstances
Proverbs 25:11.

The "word" in these verses, is the Hebrew word " daw bawr' " (. H1697 דּבר dâbâr daw-bawr' ) From H1696; These are only two of the over 1300 times this word is used in the old testament. The English translation to "word" is a vast understatement of the meaning.

It can mean:

  1. a speech
  2. a plan
  3. a course of action
  4. a communicated issue
  5. a "thing"
  6. a story
  7. a Chronicle
  8. a communicated promise
  9. a communicate commitment
  10. a gift
  11. a cause
  12. a message
  13. an accusation
  14. a report
  15. a deed
  16. a timely, deliberate doing of nothing
  17. an instruction, a teaching
  18. a blessing
and many more, depending on context.

A more complete definition as:

a Dawbar' moment is "a meaningful moment of epiphany delivered to one human though another, sometimes deliberately given, but more often incidental to other activity. A communication from God, delivered by his holy spirit. If God sends me a Dawbar' word, it enables me, equips, encourages me, corrects me, informs me, reassures me, lays out a principle he intends to be a tool for my journey.

It services a purpose to advance God's kingdom. God often drops it into our path as the next stepping stone in the path he is laying out for us.

So what is the ministry of dawbar'?

The ministry of  dawbar' is being a vessel God uses to provide these connecting, equipping and energizing moments. Clearly it is among the gifts of a pastor, or shepherd. But I see it happening between people all over as God's Kingdom advances, in the fellowship of believers and in the marketplace. The ones God seems to use most are almost invisible to the body of Christ, but they are like the sons of Issachar,  (I chronicles 12:32). They appear at the right time, the Dawbar' moment happens, and then they are out of the link as the "flow" is restored.

Years ago I asked God to use my words to advance his Kingdom. Now that I understand the Dawbar' moment and its many forms, I see that he has used me in unexpected ways that I could never claim credit for.